Monday, April 23, 2012

Sooo, crafting has been slow and far between. We are selling the house and we decided that it would be best if my sewing/crafting treasures (some members of the family actually called it junk!)were neatly stored in an attic instead of flowing freely through out the house. Unfortunately, this means that any crafting or sewing has to be quick and easy to clean up. Which is not exactly conducive to the writing of a crafting/sewing/decor blog. I've painted a crate and made a blackboard (I found an old tin of blackboard paint in the garage, squeeee.), but mostly I've been concentrating on my photography! So here are a few shots of the local countryside. We are just going into fall, and we live in vineyard country so it is absolutely GORGEOUS around here. Sonny Boy 2 My horse, Sonny Boy. Clouds 82 Our neighbors paddock. Some people call 'em pastures, down here in Kiwi land we call 'em paddocks. Eggers Pond 86 Isn't that pretty. It's our neighbors irrigation pond. Somehow calling it an irrigation pond ruins it. I think I'll stick with lake. Okay, this is a picture of our neighbor's lake. Vineyard 83 One of the aforementioned vineyards. No we don't own it. I can only imagine what a vineyard we ran would look like. The Grapevines and weeds battling it out for world domination. Scottish Thistle This is ours. I like it. It's the national flower of Scotland, so I <3. More later. Sincerely,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Edwardian try one

I was recently introduced to polyvore by my cousins, and am in love. As an interior decorator or fashion designer this is so handy. The thing that caught my eye with the above dress is that I have the pattern! It's free over on Tudor Links...